With machine learning forecasting, you can make more informed decisions. For example by analyzing historical data to understand the demand and supply of a product or service in order predict what's coming next!


Clustering is an unsupervised machine learning method used to group similar items into categories, genres or topics so they can be easily analyzed.


Linear Regression is a supervised machine learning algorithm that can be used to predict values within a continuous range, rather than trying to classify them into categories.

Digital Twin

Digital twins are the future of technology, and they're more than just a pretty simulation. They help us make decisions by providing real-time data that's updated from moment to moment with thorough reasoning for what matters most in any given situation - all without ever having been created!


The process of optimization is one that's crucial to any machine learning model because it helps train the algorithm so its output will be at its best possible performance.


The goal of classification is to build a model that can predict the label for any given example.

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How it Works


Connect and collect real-time data from assets, people, processes and systems, 24x7. SORBA's IoT Unified Edge platform enables seamless data acquisition, processing and analytics; all in one centralized location for better management.


Train leading model architectures without code and in a single click! With our Wizard Base AutoML Pipeline you can preconfigure machine learning algorithms and state-of the art training data. Save time by selecting one of our 15+ production-ready ROI solutions (ex. APC, PdM, DT, VVA, OEE).


Give SORBA AI control over your machines in order reduce human errors and free up mental space - not only can they help increase productivity but also improve quality by ensuring consistent results. No other SaaS provider offers this capability.


Get insights in real-time on asset health, anomaly detection, predictive/prescriptive maintenance, and so much more in ONE single platform. With only 2 weeks of historical data, we can predict failures days, months before they occurs.


Scale from pilot to production with ease. Our platform is designed to allow you to start with a single asset and grow into global production with zero effort. By creating "Classes" or templates based on your tag creations, you can easily scale this across plant floors and replicate savings.

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The Future of Industrial Data-Driven Innovation with AI
Location: Tech Hub
Date: Tuesday June 7, 2022
Time: 10:15 AM – 10:45 AM

Scaling with Artificial Intelligence. Pragmatic Principles in Deploying, Validating, and Scaling Operational AI
Location: CESMII Knowledge Bar
Date: Thursday June 9, 2022
Time: 10:50 AM – 11:20 AM

SME Attendees
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We're offering a free analysis and an assessment of the health of one asset with the SORBA.ai machine learning platform. We will identify anomalies in your data and provide the top 5 leading indicators of the root cause.

Case Studies

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AI for Refrigeration Systems to Save Energy

Improve energy performance 5% - 10%, yielding significant environmental and economic benefits. Our AI-Driven Advance Process Control (APC) solutions allow developing applications that adjust a system’s setpoints in real time to optimize its operation.

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AI for Filtration Systems for Cleaner Air

AI and Machine learning are being used to improve the quality of forecasts for air pollution. AI can help anticipate levels 10 days in advance, making it easier than ever before possible identify high-risk areas ahead or after an event has taken place so that measures may be implemented sooner rather than later!

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AI for Heat Exchangers to Predict Failures

Machine learning is a powerful tool for predicting the results in complex heat transfer and fluid flow problems. With the help of machine learning, we have found a way to accurately predict heat transfer rates as high as 96%.

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