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Automated Control Concepts, LLC

Automated Control Concepts provides high-quality control and information products, services, and solutions to manufacturing and utility companies. In doing so, we will strategically deploy new technology and implement proven technology in the best interests of our customers.

Empire-GCG Automation

Empire is an innovative manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and distributor of automation, cable, electrical, and safety products. Our roots began with cable distribution and we quickly grew to be one of the leading automation distributors and manufacturers in the Midwest. Family owned and operated since 1999; Empire was acquired by Audax Group in the fall of 2019 and is part of the Genuine Cable Group.

Elemental Air LLC

Elemental Air is an environmental services company providing air emission source testing, edr and xml services, environmental consulting, and software. Elemental Air offers services and products that include comprehensive environmental collaboration management software, sale of emission testing equipment and software, and continuous emission monitors designed to provide batch measurements on a continuous basis for Hg, PM + Cond, HCl, NH3, and metals.

Etajoule LLC

We engineer for sustainability. Once you have completed your engineering design, 90% of your opportunity to save is gone. Designing for efficiency is focused on simple solutions that reduce your costs and environmental footprint. Our team has 40 years of experience engineering sustainable solutions. We focus on engineered solutions that harmonize our current and future well being with the biosphere's carrying capacity by increasing the efficiency of how we use natural resources.


All the products and supply chain solutions your business needs to run faster and more efficiently – you can find them at EESCO! EESCO (Englewood Electric Supply Company) serves customers through 15 authorized Rockwell Automation locations and is a division of WESCO International, Inc., a leading provider of business-to-business distribution, logistics services and supply chain solutions with nearly 800 branch and warehouse locations in over 50 countries.. Our size and financial strength allow us to carry more inventory, offer greater access to industry leading electrical and automation products, and provide a wide array of services that help improve your bottom line. We offer products for your industrial automation solution needs featuring Rockwell Automation, MRO products, lighting and energy solutions, general supplies, industrial consumables, renewable energy, safety and wire and cable. Through EESCO, you have access to inventory in excess of $400 million.

E2 Energia Eficiente

e2 Energía Eficiente S.A. E.S.P. es una empresa de Servicios energéticos, comprometida con la competitividad de nuestros clientes a través del suministro, optimización, desarrollo, renovación e innovación de los recursos e infraestructura energética, mediante un equipo profesional y científico altamente especializados y con amplia experiencia.


We are an independent firm providing Consulting, Engineering and Architecture professional services, united in our way of doing things, shared objectives, at the service of our clients.


Predictive Maintenance - Consulting On-Site Services - Deployment - Data Analysis - Industry 4 strategy - Industrial IoT

ITG Technologies

ITG Technology Group is an IT referring and engineering company offering services in data analytics, OEE & MES, machine safety, automation & controls. ITG provides custom solutions and services to a broad group of businesses. With over 100 years of combined experience and a skilled staff of engineers and IT professionals, ITG is able to provide innovative solutions based on experience and industry standards.

West Monroe

As a national consulting firm that was born in technology, and built for business, we partner with organizations that want to drive progress and deliver results. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach with us. We have a deep understanding of the issues and opportunities facing your industry—and we partner with you to apply this knowledge and deliver the results you need. Our approach is intrinsically tied to your goals. And we’re laser-focused on making an impact.

Premier Automation

Premier Automation is an engineered solutions company that specializes in providing automation, drive, and electrical control solutions and services to industrial markets. Premier Automation offers cost-effective, industry-specific technology solutions to help our customers increase their industrial productivity, efficiency, and overall systems performance. We take the time to understand your unique process and requirements, and then work closely with you to develop the best control solution for your need.

Aquarius Software

Aquarius Software is a reference in technology, products, and services for industrial automation and production management, with market-leading solutions and differentiated services, from the factory floor to the corporate environment.

Reliability Extranet

Reliability Extranet provides a platform where Industrial Reliability Engineers can find the tools, knowledge, and data they need to implement better strategies and solutions. We deliver our services online, so they are available anywhere, at any time.

Gallarus Industry Solutions

Gallarus provide Intelligent Machine, IT & OT solutions that make smart decisions easy for you. We combine the key principles of Industry 4.0 to deploy Pharma 4.0 best-in-class solutions that address the evolving Life Science environment and production challenges, delivering exponential benefits in the form of cost-saving, quality enhancement, and OEE efficiencies.
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