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Simple & powerful AI software


Artificial intelligence can be transformational, but many organizations struggle with where to begin. Let us show you how simple it is to implement SORBA.ai into your facility.

Machine learning platform

Build & Deploy in 4 Simple Steps

SORBA.ai is a patented technology that proactively detects issues, reduces resolution time, and optimizes end-to-end system performance.





SORBA - Smart data engine

#1.Connect your machine’s data to SORBA-SDE

Connect and collect machine sensor data from the plant’s floor and transfer it to the cloud for analysis. SORBA-SDE is the central platform where real-time processing and data collection occurs through smart machine learning.

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machine learning made simple

#2.Configure the data and build a machine learning model

Our Wizard Base AutoML Pipeline takes care of automating ETL data/feature engineering, optimal ML model architecture search, hyperparameter tuning, and model assembly with the use of auto learning AI. Simply select the algorithm to help you achieve your goal. Whether it’s a digital twin, regression, classification, and/or optimization. These pre-built models make it easy so anyone can configure the models.

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everything you need in one place

#3.Visualize the insights in one platform

We can generate a production-ready system with results in about six weeks and you'll be able to visualize these changes in your custom dashboard. Your IT/OT crew can easily manage all assets in the facility, without having to be physically present. This dashboard will provide insights on asset health, anomaly detection, and predictive/prescriptive maintenance. Predict your equipment's failures.

No other machine learning SaaS platform can give you the confidence to properly alert maintenance days, weeks, and months in advance when a critical failure may arise.

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deploy at the edge

Deploy to the edge of your equipment in real-time

Deploy ML algorithms  designed to predict failures & catch anomalies from your sensor & machine data at the "edge" of your equipment,  in real-time.

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Working with SORBA.ai

1. Discuss AI Journey

Designing an effective path forward starts by reviewing your current situation and the path that got you here. We'll discuss the tools you're using, the machine learning models (if any) that have been built in the past, existing applications of AI, organizational roles, and much more. An AI Architect will also engage with your application developers, solutions architects, and other IT people to get an understanding of your information security requirements and a model's path to production.

2. Execute Proof of Concept

You may already have a business problem in mind, but if not that’s OK too. Our unique Customer-Facing Data Scientists (CFDS) will help you frame the problem, acquire the data you need, and provide training and other support to help you solve the problem by using SORBA.ai. At the conclusion of the POC, our team will help you calculate the expected Return on Investment (ROI) based on existing models and business processes to help you gain executive approval to move forward.

3. Agree on AI Success Plan

The AI Success Plan is the foundation of our approach to helping you achieve success with AI. We’ll help you develop a vision, agree on additional use cases, set milestones and commitments for both organizations, and more. We'll also identify any enablement, execution, training, and advisory assistance that you may want or need to overcome AI creation and adoption challenges.

4. Choose your Software Package

The SORBA.ai Enterprise AI Cloud Platform has a simple pricing model that allows you to select and pay for only what you need. Our packages include a basic and premium plan that include fully integrated products, and each can be deployed in multiple ways to match your business needs and IT requirements. We make it easy to see results quick and scale as needed.

5. Follow AI Success Plan

After the sale and installation, the Use Case Engineer will help you prioritize use cases based on potential ROI and impact to your top/bottom line. We'll help you focus on high-value and relatively easy business problems first, then tackle the more challenging ones. Our Platform Delivery Engineer will help you get models into production and show your ML Operations/IT team how to maintain them over time. We'll be your partner every step of the way.

6. Receive Ongoing Enablement

Your AI Success Manager will schedule ongoing meetings to discuss how we're doing, inquire about things we can do better, and brainstorm ways we can further increase the value you're getting from SORBA.ai software and solutions. They’ll also deliver value-added enablement sessions to cover product updates and industry developments, provide additional training, and give you additional opportunities to ask questions in support of the AI culture you've built within your organization.

Closed-Loop Machine Learning Architecture



Still not convinced? Ask us about our success stories or test it out yourself. We promise you will be wondering why you didn't get this sooner.

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