01. Company Information

SORBOTICS, LLC is a SaaS AI and AutoML platform designed for the industry sector. Our patented technology enables businesses to integrate intelligent automation into their existing systems faster than anyone else in the industry. The best part, is extremely simple to use which requires no code or data science experts.

Our mission at is to make artificial intelligence and machine learning simple and accessible for businesses to become more efficient, reduce energy, produce less waste, predict unplanned downtime, and help build a more sustainable future.

02. Brand Guidelines

03. The Team

Aldo Ferrante
Co-Founder & CEO
AJ Alexander - SORBOTICS
30+ Years AI Industrial Automation Executive
BS, Electrical Engineering
Yandy Ramos
Co-Founder & CTO
15+ Years AI Industrial Automation Executive
PhD, AI and Data Science
AJ Alexander
Co-Founder & CRO
AJ Alexander
10+ Years AI Industrial Automation Executive
BA, International Finance

04. Videos

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