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With machine learning forecasting, you can make more informed decisions. For example by analyzing historical data to understand the demand and supply of a product or service in order predict what's coming next!


Clustering is an unsupervised machine learning method used to group similar items into categories, genres or topics so they can be easily analyzed.


Linear Regression is a supervised machine learning algorithm that can be used to predict values within a continuous range, rather than trying to classify them into categories.

Digital Twin

Digital twins are the future of technology, and they're more than just a pretty simulation. They help us make decisions by providing real-time data that's updated from moment to moment with thorough reasoning for what matters most in any given situation - all without ever having been created!


The process of optimization is one that's crucial to any machine learning model because it helps train the algorithm so its output will be at its best possible performance.


The goal of classification is to build a model that can predict the label for any given example.

Smart Machines.
Simple AI.

AI Automation software platform that enables enterprises to improve asset reliability, optimize processes, and accelerate sustainability through the democratization of end-to-end Auto-ML solutions.

No coding experience or data scientist needed. Simple is good.
Trusted by fortune 500 companies

Committed to delivering reliable and accurate results

Facilities all over the world are harnessing artificial intelligence to manage their assets, with a focus on sustainability and cost-efficiency. SORBA's AutoML software is one of these cutting edge technologies that has proven success in:

Reducing Energy Consumption
Preventing Unplanned Downtime
Increasing Productivity
Reducing CO2 Emissions
Increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Improving Product Quality
Optimizing the Production Line to Increase Yield


Energy improvement using our SMART APC solutions

Food & Beverage APC solutions allow developing applications that adjust a system’s setpoints in real time to optimize its operation.

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Reduction in OPEX Costs (~$350k annual savings)

Mining Trucks makes it possible to analyze data sets across fleets, utilizing all the data from every system internal or external, to identify and predict plant performance, and continue to learn automatically.

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Typical score used to identify when an issue may be occurring on the machine.

Steel Manufacturing offers predictive maintenance capabilities by using ML models to detect anomalies in real time data and predict when failures will occur so that they can be mitigated or fixed prior to a failure occurring.

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145 days

Several anomalies detected & warning plant operators well in advance

Waste Water

Customer retention achieved by receiving continuous service aided by predictive maintenance, eliminating SBR downtime.

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Reduced OPEX in anticipation of data collection & monitoring scale


Improved locomotive velocity with efficient coordination and proper management of rail switches derived from data insights.

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2 weeks

We only need 2weeks of historical data vs. 6-12months to achieve the same (or better) results.


Facilities all over the world are harnessing artificial intelligence to manage their assets to avoid plant shutdown and costly halts to production.

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machine learning models

Get access to these industrial AI tools all in one platform

While others speculate and chase the hype, we are motivated by what’s proven, scalable, and impactful. With deep expertise across critical industries, we’re working together with our clients to help solve problems, big and small, that matter most to them.
end-to-end industrial software

The Unified AI-Driven Platform Built for Both OT and IT Departments

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Case Studies

Understand how you can benefit from using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in your facility.

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Hello, I'm SORBOT –
your AI & Machine Learning agent.

Forget about endless hours spent with traditional machine learning model deployment. SORBOT automatically learns everything about your control process or assets and will provide recommendations so you can focus on more strategic business goals.

Think of SORBOT as a digital companion for SME's who know the problems of their machines but not the root cause. SORBOT can not only uncover these root problems, but works 24/7/365 and will only keep getting smarter with time.

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AI for Industrial

Smart Solutions. Simple AI.

Streamline your operation of any size with our deep learning-based products, making it easier to accomplish goals and meet objectives in an expedited manner.
Simple to Manage
One platform designed for both IT & OT in mind. A true AutoML platform that requires no code to connect assets to get real-time analytics, and predictions.
Simple to Synchronize
A SMART agnostic AI platform that plays nicely with every tool suite in your existing ISA-95 technology stack.
Simple to Customize
Regardless of how old or new your technology is, we have built-in connectors to pull data via OPC UA or MQTT/Sparkplug protocols.
Simple to Secure
We offer distinctive monitoring, authentication, and encryption capabilities at every level.


From reactive to proactive, makes critical assets smarter. Manage devices, collect and store unlimited data, predict to prevent failures. The unique market differentiator behind the technology is all the automation under the hood allowing for users to build AI solutions with no data science or academia experience required. Our platform can work with any industry. With measurable ROI, gives industrial sectors the following sustainable unique capabilities:

Improved Asset Utilization Rates & Efficiency
Eliminate Unplanned Downtime with Predictive Analytics
Reduce Operating Expenses by 20-45%
Increase process optimization metrics by 5-10%
Decrease poor quality production & waste defect
SORBA Architecture

What Our Customers Say

Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star
The SORBA technology has allowed us to capture a portion of a 9 figure dollar opportunity in solving equipment reliability and process optimization issues over a multitude of use cases.
Pulp & Paper VP of Digital Transformation
Our leadership intends for SORBA to be our enterprise de facto AI IIoT horizontal software platform to achieve our global sustainability goals in reducing our energy carbon footprint by 10% on average every year.
Global Food & Beverage Supply Chain Innovation Director
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