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Smart Machines.
Simple AI.

SORBA.ai is an industrial AI and AutoML SaaS platform that helps reduce energy, prevent unplanned downtime, and increase productivity through the democratization of Auto-AI software solutions without ever writing a single line of code.
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The Most Reliable Auto-Machine Learning Software You Will Ever Use.

SORBA.ai is a complete enterprise artificial intelligence and Auto-Machine Learning platform built for simplicity, ease of use, and accurate insights. You need fast and reliable results, which is why we’ve shortened the time-to-value path with the OT & IT industry SME in mind.

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end-to-end industrial software

The Unified AI-Driven Platform Built for Both OT and IT Departments


Hello, I'm SORBOT –
your AI & Machine Learning agent.

Forget about endless hours spent with traditional machine learning model deployment. SORBOT automatically learns everything about your control process or assets and will provide recommendations so you can focus on more strategic business goals.

Think of SORBOT as a digital companion for SME's who know the problems of their machines but not the root cause. SORBOT can not only uncover these root problems, but works 24/7/365 and will only keep getting smarter with time.

Connect assets to SORBA.ai
Deploy to the edge
predict anomalies
Production-Ready AutoML Software
Accelerate innovation with purpose-built tools for every step of ML development, including predictive maintenance, digital twins, advanced process control, and so much more. This is one powerful platform.
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Industrial AI-Driven Energy Management

Facilities all over the world are harnessing artificial intelligence to manage their energy use, with a focus on sustainability and cost-efficiency. SORBA's AutoML software is one of these cutting edge technologies that has proven success in reducing costs without impacting performance.

SORBA's team of experts specializes in optimizing the most common assets found in manufacturing facilities. This includes boilers, air compressors, pumps, fans and turbine engines- to name a few! We offer assistance with connecting these devices to our platform for insights that will help you make better decisions.
AI for Industrial

SORBA Makes Smart Simple.

SORBA deep learning-based products are agile and can streamline operations of any size, making it easier to accomplish goals and meet objectives in an expedited manner.
Simple to Manage
One platform designed for both IT & OT in mind. A true AutoML platform that requires no code to connect assets to get real-time analytics, and predictions.
Simple to Synchronize
A SMART agnostic AI platform that plays nicely with every tool suite in your existing ISA-95 technology stack.
Simple to Customize
Regardless of how old or new your technology is, we have built-in connectors to pull data via OPC UA or MQTT/Sparkplug protocols.
Simple to Secure
We offer distinctive monitoring, authentication, and encryption capabilities at every level.


From reactive to proactive, SORBA makes critical assets smarter. Manage devices, collect and store unlimited data, predict to prevent failures. The unique market differentiator behind the technology is all the automation under the hood allowing for users to build AI solutions with no data science or academia experience required. Our platform can work with any industry. With measurable ROI, SORBA gives industrial sectors the following sustainable unique capabilities:

Improved Asset Utilization Rates & Efficiency
Eliminate Unplanned Downtime with Predictive Analytics
Reduce Operating Expenses by 20-45%
Increase process optimization metrics by 3-10%
Decrease poor quality production & waste defect
life sciences
cargo boats
waste water
food & beverage
pulp & paper
oil & gas
Build, train, and deploy machine learning models automatically with our AutoML SAAS platform
SORBA.ai selects the best algorithm for the prediction, and automatically builds, trains, and deploys machine learning models without any loss of visibility or control.
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See How it Works

This auto AI software works on any tech stack. Just install the AI engine and you'll get performance insights you can apply in minutes. It's that simple.
Connect to ANY & ALL available data sources in a manufacturing environment (ex. Sensors, PLC’s, Historians, MES, ERP)​

SORBA can get you up and running quickly with its open protocol client for reading/writing data from ANY historians in Brown/Greenfield infrastructure.

Configure problem solving EDGE AI/ML models in seconds with NO CODE & NO DATA SCIENCE experience required ​
Visualize every single AI & IIoT application developed in a CENTRALIZED user-friendly wizard-based web browser.
Deploy ALL AI/ML models & IIoT templates in a DE-CENTRALIZED and distributed fashion across ENTERPRISE​.
machine learning models

Get access to these industrial AI tools all in one platform

While others speculate and chase the hype, we are motivated by what’s proven, scalable, and impactful. With deep expertise across critical industries, we’re working together with our clients to help solve problems, big and small, that matter most to them.
Our Mission
We are on a mission to make AI and ML accessible for businesses of all kinds. Our goal is simple: we want to empower you to become more efficient, produce less waste, AND help build a more sustainable future.
Reduce Energy

Reduce Energy

Within 6 months or less, SORBA APC's AI/Machine Learning optimization helps you increase energy efficiency (which is usually the highest return on investment) by utilizing its wizard-based system that generates an advanced control layer over your existing automation solution.

Produce Less Waste

The world is drowning in industrial waste. Manufacturers are making too much stuff, the wrong stuff, bad stuff and are moving it inefficiently. Some of these companies are still using old technology systems, which means they lack the ability to spot defects, catch machines before they break, or make the right amount of products needed.


Increase Efficiency

Industrial global pollution is due to their inefficient production processes. These factories built and equipped years ago face huge challenges to reduce and eliminate waste in the complex ecosystem of supply chain, factory, distribution channel and eventual consumption.


What Our Customers Say

Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star
The SORBA technology has allowed us to capture a portion of a 9 figure dollar opportunity in solving equipment reliability and process optimization issues over a multitude of use cases.
Pulp & Paper VP of Digital Transformation
Our leadership intends for SORBA to be our enterprise de facto AI IIoT horizontal software platform to achieve our global sustainability goals in reducing our energy carbon footprint by 10% on average every year.
Global Food & Beverage Supply Chain Innovation Director
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