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Manufacturing plants seem to have an unlimited flow of data at their fingertips. With all the information that they collect, it is often difficult to get a clear picture on what needs improvement and how best go about improving areas in need. SORBA's Auto-ML software can guarantee an increase in efficiency, improve quality-control, reduce waste, and prevent failures from happening.
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Manufacturing Challenges that SORBA AI can Help Overcome:

Production lost due to downtime
Don’t risk it - even 1% of downtime could have major consequences on quality and profit margins. Predictive maintenance can help avoid problems before they arise.
Reduction of energy consumption and operating costs
Energy consumption is one of the highest operating costs in manufacturing facilities. AutoML can improve efficiencies by consuming less power from individual machines without affecting their performance.
Workplace injuries
70% of workplace injuries or deaths happen because of unwanted interactions between machines and people. ML can help identify unsafe situations.

Food and Beverage
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AI Predictive Maintenance for Industrial Equipment

The overproduction and consequent waste of resources in factories is a huge problem. SORBA has been designed to prevent production losses due to downtime. It works by constantly monitoring your manufacturing processes and equipment to identify potential issues before they occur. With SORBA, you can do the following:

Less food/beverage wasted

ML algorithms help predict the demand for a product before it’s produced and will lead to less food being wasted.

Lower your carbon footprint

With reduced loss of produce, businesses will see decreased post-harvest losses which will save time as well as energy resources.

Decreased emissions

Reduce emissions by forecasting demand for a product before it's produced rather than after the fact when there is no point in producing more than necessary.

Reduce waste in landfills

Identify spoilage earlier thus preventing unnecessary spoiled produce from taking up space at grocery stores while costing money in lost sales and increased utility costs.

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Industrial AI-based Energy Management

Food and Beverage manufacturing facilities all over the world are harnessing artificial intelligence to manage their energy use, with a focus on sustainability and cost-efficiency. SORBA's AutoML software is one of these cutting edge technologies that has proven success in reducing costs without impacting performance.

SORBA's team of experts specializes in optimizing the most common assets found in food and beverage facilities. This includes boilers, air compressors, pumps, fans and turbine engines- to name a few! We offer assistance with connecting these devices to our platform for insights that will help you make better decisions.
Food and beverage Assets

Success stories with assets found in your facility.

The SORBOTICS team has been working with companies like yours to find success using Artificial Intelligence with similar assets found in most food and beverage manufacturing facilities. See how we have helped others.

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Enhance Safety at Work with AI

100% accuracy - never miss a thing
Detect dangerous work situations before they happen
Businesses can use it to audit their existing safety protocols
Artificial intelligence is the safest way to work, and your company will love its seamless integration into your current systems
We're on a mission to build a #SustainableFuture
We’re an AI and AutoML SaaS company passionate about helping you optimize your manufacturing facility in order to build a sustainable future.

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