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At SORBA.ai we have spent more than 60 years of combined experience supporting industrial facilities all over the world offering our own technology-based solutions that optimize operation and maintenance processes, improving the investments made by our clients. Since its creation in 2014, SORBA.ai has been carrying out activities in multiple and diverse industrial sectors such as the processing, food and beverage, rail and maritime transport and defense sectors. We have a broad skillset that can be applied to various nuclear reactor technologies which can be fully adapted to the needs of each individual plant.

Yandy Ramos
Co-Founder & CEO
10+ Years AI Industrial Automation Executive
PhD, AI and Data Science
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Aldo Ferrante
Co-Founder & CIO
AJ Alexander - SORBOTICS
30+ Years AI Industrial Automation Executive
BS, Electrical Engineering
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Yandy Perez-Ramos
Yandy Perez-Ramos serves as the CEO & CTO of SORBA.ai. He’s recognized by IEEE as one of the most influential and forward-thinking for data scientists in the world.

His thought leadership has drawn awareness on how to combine the world of industrial automation with cutting edge predictive analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies. His extensive background and skills is in Machine Learning, Big Data, industrial automation, and AI. Yandy is a strong research professional with BSEE in Electrical Engineering, MS in Automation Control & Computer Systems and in the last stretch of receiving his PhD in Machine Learning all from Cuba’s globally renowned Central University of Las Villas.
Aldo Ferrante
Aldo Ferrante serves as the CIO of SORBA.ai. With over 30 years of experience in automation and information technology industries, Aldo achieved great success in providing turn-key solutions to clients in the technology sector, including the manufacturing and municipality industries. Beyond software engineering and automation controls background, Aldo has extensive knowledge in business management, finance, design, research, and development.

Under his leadership, SORBA has sustained consistent growth by adopting emerging technologies with the dynamic and ever-changing needs of their clients.
From pioneering technologies in the water/wastewater industry to customizing MES solutions for Fortune 500 companies, he approaches each new business challenge with an innovative spirit. A firm believer in getting the job done right the first time, his passion for creative problem-solving is an intrinsic component of every client’s project.
Our Mission
Our mission at SORBA is to make AI and ML simple and accessible for businesses (of all kinds) to become more efficient, produce less waste, and help build a more sustainable future.

How We Provide Value

We help industrial facilities all over the world optimize their processes, improving safety and efficiency. Our objective is to offer our clients innovative solutions which allow them to improve the operation of their plant in terms of safety, efficiency, reliability and availability. We aim to improve the production ratio, reduce unexpected events and unplanned waiting times while also guaranteeing worker safety and looking after the environment, all of which are top priorities for SORBA.ai.


We hustle to provide our customers with the simplest AI platform so they can focus on what they do best. At SORBA.ai, democratizing AI isn’t just an idea. It’s a movement. And that means that it requires action and dedication from our team.


Our success is dependent upon the collective energy, intelligence, and contribution of all of our team members. We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers while helping each other achieve new personal goals.


What we commit to do, we do it better than anyone else. Our customers are the most important stakeholder which is why we strive to exceed their expectations by helping them improve their business operations.