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Learn the process for implementing a ML optimization solution in an industrial refrigeration system

May 04, 2022 11:30 AM EDT

Improve energy performance 5% - 10%, yielding significant environmental and economic benefits. SORBA.ai APC solutions allow developing applications that adjust a system’s setpoints in real time to optimize its operation. SORBA.ai is an easy-to-use horizontal industrial Machine Learning (ML) platform. It allows creating models with artificial intelligence algorithm pipelines that enhance the control system of industrial assets to detect and diagnose failures, measure effectiveness, improve production scheduling and perform advanced process control (APC). Further, templated solutions can accelerate deployments and improve ROI. This webinar will discuss SORBA.ai’s experience implementing industrial refrigeration applications and provide understanding of how to develop and deploy such solutions.

Webinar Takeaway:

  • Introduction to SORBA.ai
  • How SMART APC can improve refrigeration energy performance
  • The process for implementing an ML optimization solution in an industrial refrigeration system.

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