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A fully closed loop, one stop shop, AI platform that helps improve asset reliability, optimize processes, and accelerate sustainability through the democratization of Auto-ML software applications.​

No coding or data scientist needed.
Simple is good.
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Case Studies

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AI for Refrigeration Systems to Save Energy

Improve energy performance 5% - 10%, yielding significant environmental and economic benefits. Our AI-Driven Advance Process Control (APC) solutions allow developing applications that adjust a system’s setpoints in real time to optimize its operation.

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AI for Filtration Systems for Cleaner Air

AI and Machine learning are being used to improve the quality of forecasts for air pollution. AI can help anticipate levels 10 days in advance, making it easier than ever before possible identify high-risk areas ahead or after an event has taken place so that measures may be implemented sooner rather than later!

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AI for Heat Exchangers to Predict Failures

Machine learning is a powerful tool for predicting the results in complex heat transfer and fluid flow problems. With the help of machine learning, we have found a way to accurately predict heat transfer rates as high as 96%.

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Bleeding Edge Technology.
Bullet Proof Solutions.

Agnostic Manufacturing Device Connectivity
* PLC's/HMI's (Rockwell, GE, Siemens)​
* DCS's (Emerson)​-Mechanical/Electrical Data Servers (KCF, SKF, Banner)​
* SCADA/Historian (Ignition, iba,OSI PI)​
Real-Time Data Collection
* Process Data (discrete, batch or continuous)​
* Condition Based Monitoring  (CBM) Data (thermography, ultrasonic, oil analysis)​
* Production & Scheduling Data (logistics, supply chain)​-Image/Video Data

 ** 25 + app store!
Deploy Production Ready AI to Data Centric Problems
(Chemical pulping/Paper Making Processes):​

* Lower Natural Gas Consumption by 5-10% of your Steam & Fuel Recovery Boilers, evaporators and co-gen/counter pressure turbines (Optimization/ControlApp)​
* Unlock industries holy grail of maximizing crepe blade wear life and reducing changeover events by 50% through the AI enabled APC's of the Yankee doctor.
* Augmenting PID's w/ digital companions  with safe supervisory control​
* Evolve from route based CBM to fully Automated Vibration/Current SpectrumSignature Analysis from any OEM/hardware provider of choice (waveform & FFT)​
* Reduce OPEX/Cogs by 10-15% through Automated AI Predictive/PrescriptiveMaintenance templates (Anomaly Detection & Classified Failure Mode Agents):VFD's, Motors, Pumps, Converting Lines, AGV's, evaporators)​​
* Hybrid deployments, run SORBA software on major OEM cloud provider​
* Compress time-2-value and achieve project payback in x < 90 days​
* Enable P&P engineers with the future proof kills of tomorrow as citizen data scientists​
AI Digital Companion
Accelerate annual mill shut down activities with trueroot cause analysis of the multivariate physics/chemistry-based phenomena withAI digital companions providing insight into the unknown relationships causingloss in machine availability, performance degradation, oscillations in qualityand operator retraining.​
Software as a Subscription Go-To-Market
* 15 Day Trials (PoC Data Analysis Sprints)​
* 30 Day Risk Free Production Pilots (Greenfield Use Cases)​
* 60 Day Turn-Key Solutions (Marketplace of Proven ROI Templates)
* OEM's / System Integrators / White-Labeling (Unlock Hidden Revenue Streams)​

What Our Customers Say

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The SORBA technology has allowed us to capture a portion of a 9 figure dollar opportunity in solving equipment reliability and process optimization issues over a multitude of use cases.
Pulp & Paper VP of Digital Transformation
Our leadership intends for SORBA to be our enterprise de facto AI IIoT horizontal software platform to achieve our global sustainability goals in reducing our energy carbon footprint by 10% on average every year.
Global Food & Beverage Supply Chain Innovation Director
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