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Our mission is to make AI simple and accessible for businesses (of all kinds) to become more efficient, produce less waste, and help build a more sustainable future. Join us as we help save the planet one business at a time.
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Build & Deploy in 4 Simple Steps is a patented industrial AI and AutoML SaaS technology that proactively detects issues, prevents unplanned downtime, and optimizes end-to-end system performance through the democratization of Auto-AI software solutions without ever writing a single line of code.
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We're offering a free analysis and an assessment of the health of one asset with the machine learning platform. We will identify anomalies in your data and provide the top 5 leading indicators of the root cause.

Case Studies

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Food & Beverage

From monitoring refrigeration temperature to sorting french fries, find out how artificial intelligence can help food and beverage companies cut costs and increase productivity.

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Rail switches are critical infrastructure components of a railroad network and must maintain high-levels of reliable operation. Find out how machine learning can help detect switch degradations and failures before they occur.

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We empower power producers worldwide to be more profitable and efficient by using AI/ML models that are proven in the market. With these tools, you can separate real priorities from noise and plan confidently for the future.

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